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Wink redpepper

redpepper, you have been a very nice person. Yes, a mistress is what I'm looking for! Aren't you guys at this site telling me that's a bad idea?

No, I knew you were making a joke. I love a woman with a smile or grin that won't quit, and hope very much that you're female.

Yes, the days that you're describing were bad old days in some respects, and for many who weren't born yet or didn't live through them it would be difficult to persuade them of what it was like. Down here in the states the whole country was up in arms over Vietnam and the draft, people were losing their heads completely over politics on one side or the other, or the other, or the other, etc.

You may not believe this, but my wife has a graduate degree in psychology. She's resistant to counseling, or has been in the past, I think because she thinks she's immune to emotional problems because she studied! Isn't that something?

If I were in your shoes I would think, "OK, catbird is just bullshitting now, he's saying anything to keep his thread going." Nope. And I'm not trying to deride my wife either, it's just that mental immunity is a little hard to know how to approach. I keep my heart open to her and remember that my love for her isn't over and shouldn't be over. My idea isn't to turn away from people here, not to leave her or anyone in the cold.

The idea is generosity. And the idea is also to be generous to MYSELF after I've been generous to everyone I know. God, I sound really sorry for myself don't I? Uh, you know what? I haven't had a hard life, not a truly hard life, but it has been a really interesting life, in the Chinese sense of the word. I'm not sure what I'm writing about here. Don't really know my own heart, because if I did it wouldn't keep springing surprises on me.

So you're into obedience, Ma'am? I never willingly obeyed in my entire life that I recall. I wasn't born a rebel but was made so. I'll bet you are achingly compelling! catbird
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