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Default Coming out to the household...

So we've had and seen discussion on coming out to family and friends, but what about other persons in the household?

My mom is living with us, helping around the house and with taking care of our little one. She will be very helpful when the addition comes and I personally don't know how well my sanity would hold if she wasn't around to help out.

With my seeking for potential relationships again/finally, we are coming up with a problem. We will eventually have to tell her as she will definitely start to wonder if I start spending a night away from home without Cajun...not to mention any dates I might have. I don't want to "make" Cajun sit around doing whatever away from home while I'm having fun with my bf so Mom doesn't find out. I could deal with doing this for a date or two, but if things start to get more serious...well, could cause problems.

I do want to be honest with her and tell her, and she did raise me to be open and honest and open minded about sex and relationships in general, but I'm afraid that in time, she has become less tolerant or at least more cynical. I could be totally wrong and just fearing and dreading telling her, good ol' anticipation.

Anyway, we need a good approach to use to initiate her to the idea. It's all so nerve wracking!
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