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Originally Posted by jkelly View Post
So... I had some sympathy for your partner. Like, if I realise someone I'm dating has crappy taste in boyfriends, that would totally make me wonder about myself and the relationship.

After reading this, however, my impulse is to say that this is a really messed up way of thinking about relationships. Even beyond whatever poly- issues are going on, the idea that someone "lowers" themselves by getting closer to someone else is troubling enough that I would wonder what I was doing with someone who thinks this way.
yes, i did tell him that if this other person makes me happy who is he to tell me who's worthy of me or good for me. He likes to say how he's put in so much work and effort in the past 2.5 years to try to make it work with me, then this guy waltz's right in and doesn't deserve me...only my primary does. This enrages me whenever he bring this just re-inforces his possession with me and that i'm some prize to be fought over and won...
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