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Originally Posted by Emaretta View Post
I don't know Mono b/c these same friends talk to my secondary all the time and are his friends. I asked my primary why would they still talk to him if they didn't like him or are they all just being two-faced? And i've known my secondary now for 10 months so I don't think the new thing is still there.
But my primary is saying how he sees this guy as "below" him and that i'm so out of his league and it's embarrassing to him knowing he's sharing me with this low-life. My primary swears he will totally consider an open relationship if we can have a clean slate and i get rid of this other guy and we can start fresh.
I guess the next question your finding your poly nature a response to wanting to live certain principles or wanting to share with a certain individual? Is this about actually being poly because you are, or because it enables you to have a relationship with your secondary?

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