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Default Disapproval of secondary...

Ok so i'm just discovering I'm primary is now mono in his life, having had more than 2 girlfriends years ago, and it's been a battle the last 10 months since I first met my secondary of trying to work this out. Part of the problem was that I didn't know I was poly when I first became interested in someone else, and told my primary we should break up since that's the mono way of thinking; when you like another person, you must break up with your first so as not to cheat. Well, realizing how much my primary and I love each other, we've stayed together and Ive been doing a lot of soul searching, ending with realizing I'm poly. My primary has somewhat agreed to research a poly way of life but NOT with my current secondary. He absolutely hates his guts saying he's lied to me and none of our mutual friends like him and he will absolutely not share me with HIM. So I really don't know what to do. I, myself, have no issues at all with my secondary and he's always been respectful to my primary. Part of me choosing this lifestyle is to have my freedom to enjoy whomever I choose, but now my primary is saying, ok...but just not with THIS guy...any advice?
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