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With the poly group in my city it took going to lots of events and coffee dates with people to find people who are compatible just as friends even. There is a certain level of committing to the community in order to find those that fit together.

If you think about it, poly seems to be about investing in people on a loving level, not just a casual, one off kind of way. I have noticed that even those that are more casual with their connections within a dating network are invested in getting to know people beyond the level of investment of those one typically finds on a dating site.

I really think it would be in your best interest to get involved. Take it slow, don't go in their with the expectation that you will find someone right away, but go in their wondering what interesting people you will meet. As if its a new hobby.
Btw, I met Mono on a dating site and one of my closest friends who I call my non-sexual boyfriend. Mono rocked my world and my friend is one of my most dear friends. I would never of met them if I hadn't of taken a chance and went out and met them.
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