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Ariakas & EugenePoet,

Thanks for your insights!

I'm accustomed to being competent in most of my endeavors, so running up against a brick wall really caught me off guard. Also, for my wife it seemed almost effortless to find good matches (she mostly just had to go through prospective candidates until she was satisfied with her choices). I thought that even if things were a bit different for a guy, it wouldn't be too difficult if I made a reasonable amount of effort on the same sites she used; what a miscalculation on my part!

I should do more face-to-face social events, even if they aren't poly oriented. Also, I'll head back to the poly group here in town; I'm sure I haven't met everyone yet.

I really appreciate getting other, fresh opinions on this. Thank you both for taking the time to compose thoughtful replies; it can only help! It at least helps me to not be so down-in-the-dumps.

All the best,
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