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Originally Posted by pyxiegrl View Post
As I have learned recently sometimes the best thing in life is clarity smacking you in the face. Maybe you just need to be upfront with her and tell her where you see your marriage sitting at. That might be a better route then telling her you want a relationship with someone else. I hope this helps
Thank you pyxiegrl, and to all who are trying to respond to me. You have all been very kind and tolerant, and I'm sincerely grateful.

I know my wife, and am trying to be as generous about her as I can, but I've been upfront with her before, to no effect. Now recently she has suspected that I'm searching for another woman, and it has woken her right up. She is doing the best she can to be more affectionate but reaches a barrier. I don't know how many here are familiar with the women's movement? Darla is this state's treasurer of N.O.W. Was active and vocal for women's rights 40 years ago, marched and shouted for years and years, continues active now.

She sees most of women's problems coming from men. That may or may not be, but she finds it very hard to truly love a man, however much she's motivated. I'm not sure either she or I can win here, no matter if we so want it to work.

I don't know if you nice folks will believe me. I didn't want to go to even these extremes.


AK, it seems he isn't interested in the daddy thing... Or did I get that wrong? I wouldn't put it past me today. I got that he wants to be treated as a young man and thinks that might be impossible. I don't think so personally. It seems age has no bounds in poly. You are the age you act and its more about connection and common interest.

I do suggest you do some more reading on here though in order to familiarize yourself a bit more.


Thank you very much for your information, Ariakas, and you too redpepper for advice. I very much want advice, and truthfully don't know if interested in the daddy thing or not. It involves at least one other person and can't be all about just me. It's about being gentle to someone who can be gentle back.

Yes, Moderator, I will read here as you suggest. You folks seem really level-headed. I think love is about that, too. If you really have love, a level head is what you achieve.
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