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I hate NRE. Can't control myself sometimes and get over eager. Well, hopefully we'll see if I scared the guy off soon. At least this time is was only short lived and not almost a year worth of emotional turmoil.

*edit to add rant and thoughts...
Here's the problem. When something like this happens, where you are having a great conversation and are starting to plan getting together and he suddenly vanishes from the conversation and you don't hear from him in two days yet see him popping on and off line again, if I am more upset with him for not letting me know what's going on or at myself for for getting paranoid or interested so quickly.

I mean we were in the middle of figuring out where to meet and there were no indications that something was wrong, then poof, he's logged off. Technical error is possible as he didn't come on again that night. But the next day I see him on and off both his OKC and Gmail accounts and I sent an IM once or twice, really only once or twice, and received nothing back. No reply, no message. I sent a message last night with a location but wanted his feedback for when (for obvious reasons) and I even went out on a limb and left my number... no reply, again.

So am I being paranoid thinking that he's now avoiding me for some reason unknown to me when in fact he's just been really busy and hasn't had the time to write back, or did he "chicken out" and either doesn't feel the need to say, "sorry not interested anymore" or just doesn't know what to say to me.

Over analyze much? So when I say I hate NRE, I suppose I mean that I hate when NRE lets me down or builds me up too high. Bah...too much time on my hands and not enough brain numbing activities to occupy it. lol
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