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Ow. Owie. I'm sorry.

"...this interesting girl that messaged them on their POf profile and how would I feel about them taking her to bed?"

It feels to me like: You want a relationship with this couple. You want to care about them and be cared about. You want it to mean something. You heard that they want to pick up a casual score.

Perhaps you are torn up because what you are hearing is the opposite of caring, relationship-building behavior.

I think you might step back and review their past behavior. Are they poly, or are they swingers? In the past, have there been signs that they're more interested in casual sex than in caring deeply for lovers? You're the one who can figure that out...I'm only making suggestions. I may be completely off the mark.

Think. Be careful. Be open, but don't let yourself be hurt.

Write more. There are others who are much more experienced and intelligent than I.

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