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Default Children

polyamoury suits me fine. I like it, I like the ideals, the way it works and how happy I can be in this type of relationship.

one thing I can't settle with is children growing up in polyamoury relationships. I have a daughter, five years old who is used to being ina single-parent family.

I have a partner who although is unable to visit frequently, she has grown very attached to in a more parental way. He is in another relationship (no kids involved), and is very happy.

My daughter is aware and understanding of the two partners I have had over recent months and see's them as 'mummy's boyfriend'.

Not really looking for help on the matter -just don't really know how best to handle polyamoury where HER relationship with my partner/s is concerned.

So any previous experiences of your own would really jelp me to understand.


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