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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I personally think it's a common guy problem. Which isn't to say it isn't a girl problem, but I haven't encountered it with girls (and yes I have dated women, I am bi).

I think maybe if more guys realized how very annoying this one thing is-they would refocus.
ok but that begs the question then. How?...

Speaking in very general terms, girls use subtlety to flirt, some barely flirt. Guys need to be freaking magicians to read some of the more subtle flirts and generally have to be the aggressive. All that said, guys have to put themselves out there in an aggressive manner.

What does this do, obviously annoys some girls. But the problem is, it works. So there are a percentage that don't like it...there is also a percentage of women that are the aggressors. But how do we know if we don't try?...

Different strokes right, shy guys get girls so their pickup is different than someone aggressive

My most successful friend on the dating scene (not just sex) was the most aggressive person when it came to women. He was the type that would walk up to every girl in a bar until he found someone interested. So that type does work. He also tended to never have girl "friends"...

BTW, I am playing devils advocate. There is a reason most of my friends are girls, I don't perv everyone I come in contact with.

And Yes everone, I know I am generalizing a craptastic amount...don't hold it against me
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