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you sure are guessing a lot.

I am not sure, but see the same trend. As a poly/open guy who is social with a poly/open wife who isn't looking, the task is very daunting.

But I often wonder, how different is it than being single? a guy with lots of girlfriends <<cough...friends people>> if they decide to want to date, they have a date, period. No if's and's or butt's....

If I as a guy, decide I am available...well seriously thats not even a valid statement. As a single guy I am always looking for my next hookup, hoping it can evolve further (as much as I deny that to my friends)

Women have the power on this side of relationships. They decide who they like and make their decision. Where guys see availability and hope the girl chooses them. Obviously there are standards, flirting types, method etc...

A simple social experiment...send a girl and a guy into a bar...have them talk to 100 people each and flirt. Girl has a chance to hookup (keeping in mind that after the hookup you might actually get along and date) with 90 out of the 100, guy gets...what 10...maybe (I would make this lower but guess I am feeling generous)? What percentage turns into dating

I, for some reason, spend some time thinking about this. There is also the point of view that "well if each girl is hooking up some guy must be too, so its a 1 to 1 ratio"...thats true, but girls are pickier...guys are picky to a point.

Thats my take anyways.
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