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Default New developments


I agree. I'm moving along nice and slowly for her. I didn't plan on leaping into a diamond situation immediately and just telling her to deal with it as though she's got years of poly living under her belt.

I *HAVE* arranged my first official date outside of our mono relationship. My Girlfriend tells me that she's a little nervous about it, and isn't sure how she'll feel once it's actually happening.

In any case. . .
Only time will tell just how she'll handle this whole operation. In the best instance, she'll love it and wonder why she hadn't tried it sooner (kind of unrealistic, but why project pessimism, right?.) At worst, she'll be totally unable to deal with it, and we'll have to split. I love her far too much to ask her to stick around in an arrangement that will eat her up inside.

I don't expect this first date to pass without some processing. But I've told my Primary that if she needs to process, she'll have to wait until after the date is over. I won't be fielding phone calls during my date or anything like that. If this date goes well, I'll probably want to continue seeing this other person, and my Primary knows that as well.

To be Continued. . .
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