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I see a few possibilites.

#1: Married men going after women is "wrong". This is a societal norm since the "accepted" idea of this is cheating. Although there are some women who are willing to cheat or be the mistress, I don't think that number is very high. When a woman (most especially a mono one) sees a married man interested in her, chances are high that she assumes that he is only interested in the sex and the wife knows nothing.

#2: Agrees with SC about the married women attracting men who don't want or to be tied down (figuratively of course). I have received more messages on my dating profiles from men who only want FWB or NSA or who are in fact cheating on their wife.

Damn I hate Baby Brain! I had some other thoughts and they have evaporated into the humid air just like my energy has lately. Ah well, if I can remember the other thoughts, I'll post.
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