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I have found some women who sound like good matches based on their online profiles. The difficulty then is convincing them to meet me. Most don't reply to my initial "hello" message; those who do reply usually decline further contact due to discomfort with my poly situation. There are a few who also identify as poly who are interested in continuing discussion... unfortunately, they have not been interested in meeting either; they are already comfortable with their arrangements. There was one who sounded interested in meeting; she would actually call and message me (almost daily) for a little over two months, but kept putting off any meeting until she felt a "little more comfortable". She finally declined to meet when I pressed.

You asked "Have you been socializing"... That sounds like a good idea; I should try to attend more social gatherings. I've been approaching things mostly over the internet since there are so many dating sites; probably been neglecting the "old fashioned" way of meeting people face-to-face in a social setting. Summer is coming up; there will probably be lots of events and venues... I'll look into it!

Thanks for your reply!


Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I really can't say from your post why you would be having troubles, other than your time hasn't come yet. Have you been socializing, making time to meet up with people? Has anyone popped out as a good match for you? Have you asked anyone out?
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