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Originally Posted by Anne View Post
Now, my questions is: Can there exist the wish to live a polyamorous life which is not linked to a special person? In other words, do people feel like "oh, Iīd like to have another partner, letīs get out and find one?"
Yup, there is! *puts up her hand*

Although, I'm learning to skip the "let's get out and find one" part because, turns out, it isn't working for me any better than "I'll go out and find a boyfriend" worked when I was single! When I decided to start being happy with my life, love just fell in my lap

Part of where I'm at right now is having a husband who works out of town 10/14 days and just feeling a desire to have a more "frequent, in-person romance". But that's not "the reason" why I'm poly... Even when I was single, I knew that I wasn't keen on a monogamous lifestyle.
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