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Originally Posted by Zahnfee View Post
A little about myself; I am 25, for the duration of my teen and adult life I have had a series of serious traditional monogamous relationships. This made me realize one thing, I am not cut out to "serve" one man. Being in such relationships gets monotonous, they fizzle out, they end.
I honestly don't think the "fizzle" is a monogamous issue. It's a dating issue that can happen to anyone.

I think it's a "finding the right person" issue. All my past relationships fizzled within 6-8 months, basically when the "honeymoon phase" ended. Around here, that's called NRE or New Relationship Energy. And after that is when you see if you're really a good couple or just having fun with someone new and exciting. The first time it happened, we dragged it out to a full year, spending the last 4 months of it just fighting all the time. Since then, I've learned to listen to that voice that says "you're getting boring, I'm done with this" :P

What's important for you, I think, is to never try and force any of your relationships to work if you feel that they've fizzled. Just accept when they come to their natural end.

I hate to sound all Ann Landers, but there is someone (or several someones) out there whom you will love more and more with every year, and if you waste time forcing an expired relationship to work, you'll miss out on that person (or those people).

At the same time, if you start dating other people before ending a fizzled relationship, your partner will likely feel as though they were left "for" that person and not because the relationship had reached its natural end.
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