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One issue, I believe, is that lots of women out there have this fairy tale idea of relationships. Meet Prince Charming, get married, have 2.3 children, and live happily ever after. If Prince Charming is already married, that throws huge wrenches in the cogs.

Among men, there seems to be an attitude that getting married means getting trapped. So finding a woman who's already married is like a dream-come-true: No chance she'll try to tie you down. Hence, poly women have an easy time finding other partners.

Even though neither scenario is the way things actually work out, they're common enough expectations to make things difficult in the male poly lifestyle.

I realize I'm throwing out a whole whack of stereotypes, but I don't think they're so far off. I fully realize that plenty of women look for casual relationships with no intention of marrying, and lots of men are out there searching for the perfect woman to love forever and be the mother of their children. I just think the reverse is more common.
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