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Originally Posted by pyxiegrl View Post
He has even said that another couple would probably be the best of us. I agree. Right now we are trying to wade through all of this, the what ifs, and the rules before we even think about finding another couple.
May I ask what your motivation is for seeking a couple? I only ask because I've seen that blown up a lot, and it's practically a policy of mine to specifically avoid dating couples.

I had a friend recently have her heart broken when she and her partner started seeing this other couple. Her partner and the wife really hit it off, and my friend thought she was hitting it off with the husband. Then when her partner and the wife went to run an errand, he made a move on her and they made out in the car. Meanwhile, the husband was basically breaking up with my friend. Obviously that relationship lacked communication (it eventually came out that the husband was not polyamorous, just trying to go along with it because his wife was poly).

Just seems like dating a couple has a lot more room for complications.
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