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Its important not to judge other peoples level of depth in their relationships against your own....

after all, not everyone is in poly relationships because they want depth. Some just want company but otherwise want to do their own thing, some have never reached any depth and have no gage with which to compare it to and others just simply have not met someone that makes them feel there is a world of depth to be achieved with them in their lives so why make it more serious than need be.

For me it's all about depth. I don't do relationships half way. I can. But I prefer to work towards a bond that lasts a lifetime in the form of deep connected love. It simply is not like this for everyone.

I was told by a friend that not everyone wants a life time or even anything longer than the pursuit of a lover and the NRE. After that it's time to move on. I can see this being fun... but not for me.

I feel judged sometimes by those close to me in my local community that I am not interested in dating everyone. I have not left this open as an option and have found that some are simply uninterested in hanging out with me as a result... perhaps its because they don't know how to act around me? I don't know. Why am I not asked to do things with just because I am not relationship worthy in a sexual sense? I don't see why friends cant be close without having sex. I have close friends that I am physically close with and don't have sex with... there is a level of depth there, but not as much as those I have sex with. Why judge that though??

I'm off on a tangent of questions that can't be answered I don't think....again, Its important not to judge other peoples level of depth in their relationships against your own.... I want a few loves of great depth, others want endless lovers with little depth... end of story, it's just different for everyone.
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