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btw... my guy did introduce us... it was jsut at a busy party and he was not able to talk freely about us... all of his co workers were around and it's none of their business.... the new girl left town the next morning... so no time for the three of us to really talk. That's why I sent her an email.... part of me was kind of tired of waiting to make real contact with her... as I mentioned before.. I had know of her and seen her around for the past year...

oh, a question for more experienced folks... when your SO is crushing hard on a new person... is it normal for YOU to get this excited about it? I am still working on opening up and controlling my feelings but it seems as if over the past week I have replaced any feelings of jealously with infatuation. Is this normal? I hope I'm not coating my bad feelings with feelings of "like" or sexual attraction just to make it easier on myself... I want what I feel to be the real thing... I guess only time will tell.
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