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Post Wrong movie

Originally Posted by Slugworth View Post
stepping in closer to lean in for a kiss… (cue needle scratching on record).
You are so in the wrong movie.

They lean in for a kiss. Romantic music swells. Z/I and slow pan around the couple. Eventually, they come up for air.

SLUGGY: (mischieviously) Well... that makes things a bit more complicated.

DATE: (breathy) Yeah, I guess it does. (we need a name for this character -- ed.)

SLUGGY: (looking her in the eyes) I'd really like to see where this goes.

DATE: (smiling, but breaks eye contact) I think I need to have a talk with my spouse. So... next time?

SLUGGY: (nodding) Yeah, next time.

Z/O. We follow her from SLUGGY's POV as she gets in her car and starts driving off. END SCENE.

So, maybe there are tons of poly- couples out there that have some sort of "you need to have an extensive discussion with me before you kiss anybody" rule. I wouldn't go around assuming that as a given, though. If that's the case, you need to trust your date to gracefully turn that kiss moment into a (preferably light-hearted and still flirty) conversation about what happens next.
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