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thankyou all for the insight. im gonna take the weekend and spend some alone time and do some serious soul searching. we have talked at length about my feelings. im still not sure that k's responces are the truth. i cant help but think that she is telling me what i want to hear and not the truth. i dont know. k is my first love and i have a hard time understanding why she and h still have, as k put it, picked up right where they left off. i did get one piece of honesty, k slept with h when we started dating. that was after we got together, i was k's first. that news didnt bother me so much, we were just starting our relationship and not living together yet. i have stated my desire to meet h, but i go back and forth as my emotions rise and fall. i read alot about compersion on this site. once i get my head together, if this doesnt fall apart, i think i will try the nike method, just do it, that i read someone else did.
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