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hahaha, i loved your analogies.

So what you're basically saying is that in your experience, issues are measured by a subjective qualitative value. Using your example scenarios B and C...

In scenario B where your total points = 100, you had 55, she had 44 happy points and your wife had 44 happiness points. Meaning that her stress is worth a -6 points. However by relieving the cause of her unhappiness, her points go up, and your points only go down -3 ~ -5 points.

This only makes sense in your specific frame of mind. What if you not being poly was making you equally as unhappy as her not being comfortable with you being poly. Do you get drift? I still don't see how it would work applied to a general relationship. And one of statements that you made was that it was a "no-brainer" and I completely disagree.
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