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Hey groovy,

Yeah, ejaculatory anhedonia (EA) is a relatively unknown condition. We didn't even know that it was a condition until I found a message board with hundreds of men posting that they had the same problem, and that the medical community has been attempting to address (or mostly ignore it) for over 30 years.

To answer about my boyfriend specifically (although most sufferers have an individual range of loss of feeling from mild to complete):

He has no physical problems with intercourse. He has normal erections and normal flow of semen when he ejaculates.

Sexual contact feels a tiny bit enjoyable for maybe the first two minutes (i.e. from unaroused to erect) but then after that he feels almost nothing. If you picture the average sexual response to be like these plus signs:


Then his, as he's described it to me, is like this:


A buildup of a tiny bit of sensation, with orgasm barely a blip at the end. And I can verify that neither his heartrate or breathing change when he orgasms. It's as if the dopamine or adrenaline producers/receptors in his body and brain have malfunctioned, the wires have been crossed, who knows. But he doesn't have a typical or very enjoyable time of it.

Here's a link to a very active forum thread discussing it:

They've started a 2nd thread to continue it, since there are over 2000 replies to the first one. Here's part 2:

This is not an isolated problem; it's just that no one's talking about it and the medical community isn't/can't do anything about it yet.
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