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Originally Posted by rpcrazy View Post
This raises a good question...
I feel that I couldn't do something like what groovy mentioned above because I would feel some injustice in the situation. that pride? or a legitimate personal issue?

I do believe in sacrifice. And I could see the above situation working only on a specific trial period, and only if I was given a pledge that she was working on being accepting of me being poly as well. It just seems too...idk, wrong.
If you're the type that insists on keeping score, yeah, it won't fly. If you're the problem-solving type that can identify a logical means to an end, there's no need to keep score. Either it'll work or it won't, at which point you make a new plan.

In my personal case, the scenario with only Wifey dating is a net benefit to "team us" (vs straight monogamy), so it's absurd to get pissy about symmetry. Furthermore, if my also dating was a net harm to "team us", then fuck symmetry.

People are complicated. Do what works and stop keeping score.
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