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Thanks for your input gabe.

My boyfriend doesn't like doctors, heh. It's difficult to get him to see one, but again I think once he/we have insurance, it may be easier. I concur on seeing a doctor and an endocrinologist, and I can say with confidence that he would shoot down the psychotherapy bit. He might go in for some couples' counseling if it becomes neccessary for the health of our relationship.

Just to throw this out there, my boyfriend is not a sexually inhibited kind of guy. He used to be much more into the D/s scene (sub) and he's comfortable with people of all sexual orientations and (legal) appetites. So I think we can pretty much rule out the idea that his condition is "in his head" or the result of fear or shame, or somesuch. He's cool and kinky and sweet about sex... it just doesn't interest him any more.

Anywho, I agree on getting him medically checked out before we embark on an unknown path.

And as far as whether or not being poly is for me, well, the first time I was really exposed to the idea of poly was when I read Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land" and one of the characters in the commune towards the end of the book says, "Don't covet my wife, have her!" (or something close to that.) I remember being about 12 or so, reading that, and going, "Yeah! A whole house of people who love and share each other without jealousy or anger. Rock on. If only that kind of life really existed." But it's only in the past year or so that I've discovered that it is possible to set up that kind of a life, partners, primaries, and secondaries permitting.

And I didn't date or have a first kiss until I was 19, so I was dreaming about poly before I even knew what monogamy was like! Hehe.

But again, I want to take my time, consider things, and keep and treasure the relationship I have with the person I love. If in the future we can have an open, loving relationship with others, well then that's just the icing on the cake, right?
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