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Wifey and I are in a situation where she's meeting the new people, while I'm not. It's kind of a long story, but the nutshell version is I have a "wife with other guys" kink, and she gets stir crazy as a full-time mom, she gets more out of friendships with guys than with gals, and she hasn't wrapped her mind around the idea to the point that she'd be comfortable with me seeing anyone.

Besides, although I'd have a blast dating again, I'm perfectly content being monogamous (forever, if that's how it works out.)

So my rambling point is that maybe you could ease her into it by pledging to remain monogamous while SHE dips her toe in the water. If she gets out a bit, has fun, and sees that not only does it not harm your relationship, but might even bring you closer, she might "see the light," so to speak. And if you approached it like a team, where you're choosing candidates and composing emails together (which is a blast IME), you increase the odds of having her complete participation later on.

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