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Originally Posted by groovy9 View Post
This is one of those times where there's no right answer. I don't feel any qualms about initiating contact with one of Wifey's guys, but I work hard to keep it light and respectful. She gets that and doesn't seem to mind at all.
I think for me, it might be an old school thing. But its polite to do introductions. I suppose with todays online world that may not always be reasonable.

I also tend to be very social so my wife always meets any interests that way (and visa versa). Introductions are made and interactions continue as they like.

I just found it weird that girlcaleb had to do that. Not that it was done.

ps GirlCaleb...I am really interested in how you got your name? Very interesting name. Bit of a geek especially for names and handles
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