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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Simple take on it. Its your right to want to meet and introduce yourself, its his right to want to do it in a way that makes him comfortable. Its done now, and trust what he says. But I would hope, if I started dating someone, that my wife would trust me to initiate the introduction.
This is one of those times where there's no right answer. I don't feel any qualms about initiating contact with one of Wifey's guys, but I work hard to keep it light and respectful. She gets that and doesn't seem to mind at all.

If she ever did mind, we'd meet in the middle somewhere.

I certainly wouldn't have a problem if Wifey initiated contact like girlcaleb did, with someone I was interested in. After all, one reason I married her is because she's both a reasonable and thoughtful person. If my new love interest had a problem with said contact, I'd have a problem with HER, not Wifey.
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