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Thanks Christie... It is new... not totally new because I knew all about her... but new in the fact that I did not understand how much he liked her... it caught me be surprise... and that's where the small bits of jealousy came from... at the same time this is the same girl him and I have been talking about and crushing on for the past year. Him more than me of course... it's funny. I would sometimes flirt with her through him. He would start talking about her and I'd always add my two cents.. I am very attracted to her. I have not been with a woman in my adult life so I am very pleased that he has chosen someone that I can be sexually attracted to... not just in a friendly way. It sounds

I honestly would love to have her be a part of our relationship... but as I said before they are still just trying to figure out what they want from each other... not me... yet

Me and my guy do talk about this often. I let him know that I would welcome her with open arms... he just needs to give me the green light when and if they are ready.

I do have a small update:

last night we were talking and he told me he is having a hard time trying not to overwhelm her... he wants to talk to her online and w/ text constantly but he doesn't want to be too much for her. I told him that I have had this problem before with my young male friend. I also told him that it will get easier with time. My guy and his new girl were so used to having constant contact. He... let's just say, worked very close with her on a daily basis for the past year. Now that school is out she is far away... so he has to get used to it. This is something I'm happy about... not that she is far away but for the reason that this is something I can teach

I have dealt with this more than him so it's nice that he listens to my advice about it. It makes me feel like I am actually a part of it and not just waiting around for them to figure themselves out (which I do feel like I am doing sometimes... but no complaints. I'd rather have them take their time if they really want to be together).

He was cute last night... he was like "I can't stop checking my mail...." then he'd make a sad face.... I just wanted to laugh and smother him in hugs... cheesy, I know.

Well, all is still well... I enjoy talking about her... I think it helps us both deal with her being far away.

oh, one more thing. I also told my guy that although I have already started crushing on her pretty hard myself, I need to hold back on developing any really feelings for her... she may not like me in that way and I don't want my feelings hurt. I can't help but be attracted to her... she is a true beauty.... she's smart, funny, not too girly but very cute and stylish... she also has a quality that makes me so comfortable. I have a thing... I like all types of women as far as how attractive they are and whatnot... but I love when my guy likes a girl that is like me... in the looks department. I think me and his new girl match... sounds silly. I'll try to explain it a bit more....let's see... she's "exotic"... for lack of a better word. I'm also "exoticc"... but I'm more "urban"....hahhhahah

I'm making myself laugh.

It sounds silly but I like the fact that I can see bits of myself in her physically... it's like he loves me so much he is now attracted to women that seem a bit like me... does anyone know what I'm talking about....? let's just say that if there were a Pocahontas casting call.... she would def. get the part and I would be cast as her understudy.... we look so much alike (to me) yet so different.... it's nice.

btw... did I warn you guys before about me being a total dork? :P

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