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hi dazed

i can't completely understand what you're going thru because i'm female, but when my husband first started talking to other women online & being more serious than friends, it tore me up. i've slowly come to a point where i can accept & deal with it, but it took time, talking about it with my husband, meeting (on skype, at least) the woman he's with now & getting to know her, & work on both our parts to get there. the jealousy is very difficult to deal with- here are a couple of sites that really helped me:

these go specifically to posts on dealing with jealousy, but there's lots of other great information too. i would suggest reading these, taking a look at your feelings, & talking to your wife about it openly & honestly. i know men have trouble with that sometimes, but i'm sure it will help. please feel free to message me if you'd like to talk, i can't imagine the initial difficulty & hurt is that much different for men & women. i feel like i went thru hell, & if i'd just thought to look for this information sooner, i could've spared myself so much pain. you've done a great thing coming on to this site & reaching out for help, to me that shows you really care about your wife's happiness

warm hugs, Alice
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