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thanks groovy. when she gets home tonite, i think we will talk some more. ihave been very clear about my feelings and i keep getting the same reassurance talk. it just very hard for me to accept the fact that this might be the end of a wonderful life. about a week ago i was giventhe ultimatum to get over my jealousy or get out. well ihavent gotten over it yet and im still here. i think part of her logic is if i leave that she will be free to pursue this relationship. i have done a very low thing, i read there texts. i dont feel good about the whole breach of privacy but i just had to know. very possible that this caused way more damage than good. for the most part all was as she said. txt once or twice a week. how you doin and the like. like i said earlier, i might be over thinking all of this. i was reading about compersion and i think i have experienced it before. i think alot of my problem is jealousy and insecurity. i dont know. just trying to work through this so that we are all happy. my biggest hangup is the thought of lossing her, thats the insecurity. but i keep being told the samething. maybe i should listen with my heart and not my mind.
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