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Yep, definitely getting those NRE hormones ramping thanks to OKC and a Ren Faire costume. lol

I received a message from a gent who was very interested in meeting me and finds me very attractive. We've talked a few times this week, nice long convos, some flirting, a bit of discussing what we are looking for, etc. And now I really want to meet this guy. I've had a smile on my face more this week than I have since the NRE days of Elric and myself.

I don't usually move this fast, chatting to meeting I mean, but something feels good and right. My only reservations are that he has never been in a poly or open relationship, and this may be a rebound for him.

On the positive side again, this could be good for Cajun and I as this would be another first for us... me dating. And even if this turns out to be just a short term thing, at least we will have more experience and know better what we can handle. If it ends up being more long term...then we will have other things to deal with.

So it looks like Vandalin may be joining the poly ranks again as opposed to just sitting on the sidelines.
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