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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
The holidays are coming and I am making supper for our family.
Traditionally I make a nut stuffing that is to die for! Last year I made a yummy turnip recipe that was both savory and sweet... (I can add the recipes if anyone is interested...)

I just wondered if anyone had something they like to cook that would add to our meal?

A turkey replacement would be awesome as my dear Mono will be out of luck this year as there will not be one... something different and special would be nice though

any thoughts?
Oooh, a couple Christmasses ago, I made a vegan, raw cheesecake to die for! (Discovered an allergy to cashews afterwards, but that's besides the point, it was to die for!)

I need to send Nerdist home with my raw cook book when he comes to visit. So many yummy things in there.
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