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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Its the adjective for compersion

I personally used to find grok to be the most annoying word used...this coming from a long time geek, poly etc. Grok should be THE word...and it annoys me to see it...

I think frubble just passed that. What are we, cartoon characters?
Yeah, grok isn't something I'm a fan of either. Mostly because in order for someone to really understand the word they have to read Stranger in a Strange Land.

But frubble. Ugh. I tend to use that word in my circle when referring to unrealistic compersion expectations(i.e., if you find out that the SO that you have a house with has met the person of their dreams and is leaving you to be with them. And is taking the house. And the kids. And your dog. A proper response would be, "Well I'm just all frubbly for you!") or when making bad role playing game references to poly("I'm sorry honey, but my frubble is low so I need to get a blue mana potion. ")

Or it is mentioned from time to time on Poly Weekly.
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