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Things I've learned.

1. Be very very careful who you trust and who you get close to.

2. Even if you learn lesson #1, it is almost a certainty that you will get hurt. Maybe even very badly.

3. Compersion is highly overrated and too much emphasis on it can make you crazy(i.e., "Why am I irritated that I came home to my SO having sex with her OSO on my couch!?! What's wrooong with me!?!?").

3a. "Frubble" is one of the lamest words in the English language.

4. Sometimes when you try to get something and you can't get it, the reason you don't get it is mostly to do with you. Other times it is because of things beyond your control. Most of the time, though, the reason you can't get something is because of a little bit of both.
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