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Oh, to answer Mariya's question... I think he was worried I would embarrass him... he turned beet red when I told him about the message... and his voice got high pitched. He said that he really wanted her to like him... so I don't think he was hiding anything... I just think he didn't want me to mess up his "cool mojo"... hahahahahah!

He was worried that I would come off like his mom or something... you know.. pulling out horrible baby pics and telling her stories about him that he wants to keep private... I also think there is a little truth to what Redpepper said about the mono conditioning... he was worried about it being so "open"... even though he knows I'm 100% okay with it... When I went out of town to see my Dom I had a bit of that too... I kept waiting for my guy to change his mind... or get upset if I talked about my Dom too much. I just could not believe that my guy was okay with it all... after years of dealing w/ mono jealous men. So.. I'm sure there was a bit of that going through his head when I told him. All is well now... day by day...step by step. I'll update you guys on the progress.... If you care to hear about it.
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