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Thanks redpepper... I will def. back off... I have done what I needed to do to make myself feel comfortable. It's up to them now to see what they want to make of it.... I like your new

It is funny and cute watching him pace around... I can tell he's thinking about her. I haven't seem him this happy in months. I realized that he actually had feelings for her the other night before the party started... He was cleaning his studio... he never cleans. I usually do most of the house work. I walked by the room and I saw him frantically sweeping the floor. I stopped and said "so, you really like her, not just sexually, but you really want to go somewhere with this." He looked up as if he did not realize he was in a super clean fit... He asked how I could tell... I told him that I had not seen him clean a room like that since our first date... two years ago he cleaned every room in the house to impress me

He laughed after I told him this... and went back to cleaning...That's when I knew it was more than just a school girl crush.

let's see... I plan of focusing on some of my independent projects over the next few weeks... I want to learn more about myself and spend time with friends I haven't seen in a loong while. So, I think all of this is happening at the best time.

I'm glad that even though we knew about wanting an open/poly relationship when we first got together, we waited until we knew each other... and cared enough about one another to be respectfull... and on top of it all... we are having a blast. Thanks for reading this random stuff running around in my head.

p.s. I'll add one more thing... It's funny now that I think of all the times me and his new girl saw each other and waved or said hi. The three of us work in and use the same building for various reasons... so I always knew about her.. and she always knew about's been about a year now since he first told me about her. I remember the first time I spoke to her. We were at an art thingy that our company puts on every year. My guy had been telling me about this hot girl and her cool hair and her art. Well, at the art thingy she came up to him to talk about something... he was like "and this is my partner'. I said hello and immediately fell in love with her awesome hair. I told my guy that I could see why he was attracted to her. After that he would give me updates and tell me about dreams he had of her. I always laughed. I never thought that anything would ever come of it. All in all, I think that seeing her and hearing about her over the past year has really helped me to not feel left out... even though we never hung out before.

Makes it nice.
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