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the whole cowb/g thing kind of reminds me of a man I met when I identified as a lesbian that believed I hadn't found the right man and that he was going to be the right man. He had a crush on me before I became a lesbian but lived in another province. He came all the way from the other coast to pursue me even though I told him I had a girlfriend. I let him stay with me when he got here and he tried to convince me out of my lifestyle and relationship and went home disappointed. Never talked to me since, even though our extended families are friends... I was in someway a lost cause in his eyes. Then I met nerdist and married him and he gave up all together even being friends... defeated I suppose. Poor deluded man. I guess he finally realized it was him I didn't want.

how about poly prince and princess. The connotation of being whiners comes to mind with misbehaving polys no?
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