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Hello and Welcome!!
I am a 52 year old female living in the South!! The longest mono relationship I've been in was 12 years and it was with a woman. I considered myself a lesbian and created an entire social structure around that lifestyle.

In therapy, I began to wonder about my sexuality since I had dated (and been in love with) men before living with my female partner. I fell in love with a male friend. Ended the lesbian relationship and have been dating men for 11 years now.

This is my issue.......We know what a heterosexual lifestyle looks like. You enter into a monogamous relationship with a person of the opposite gender. And, we know what a homosexual lifestyle looks like. You enter into a monogamous relationsihp with a person of the same gender.

But what the heck does a bisexual lifstyle look like???

My answer is polyamory !!!

I'm working things out for myself too and this forum has been a big help for me!! I am feeling hope about the future now and I get the needed validation and support here. Most of my (non-poly) friends are accepting but can't do much in the way of possitive support since the idea of poly is new to them and I'm the only one talking to them about it.
Anyway---- continue sharing and I hope you get a lot of great support here!!
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