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We talked about it... he's not mad. I still don't know how I could mess it up. I do understand that he may want some privacy... when we met before (me and the girl) he was so nervous that it made me nervous... I just wanted a chance to open up communication between her and I w/o the extra anxiety he brings.. honestly, the girl and I seem to be more open and willing to make it a comfy experience. As I said before... I have been working on getting myself poly ready for years now... my guy just started when he met me... so he is new to it all. Sometimes I think he doesn't know what to do next. He is not mad. I am actually on a road trip w/ him now. We met up with a good old friend of his. I over heard them talking about me and my guy basically said that we are right for each other right now and what we have feels really good and in place... it all fits. I am feeling the same way. I have never found a man that can handle me... and my need to have other loves. My guy never thought it was possible to have a girl be okay with him exploring and opening himself up to life (yes, I sound like a big fat hippie).

I am still dealing w/ a few jealousy issues but each time I get over a hump I feel like I just won a prize... I was given a small challenge and I passed...the more small challenges I pass the more I grow emotionally. It has only been a few days w/ the idea of this new girl floating in our heads.

I know in time he wont think of her as much and it won't be such a hot topic in our house. She is out of town and they talk through email and text... but I have gone through what he is going through. I have a young male friend in another state. I have known this man for a few years. I have always wanted a physical (and sometimes more) relationship with him but he was too young. Now that he is older and he knows how I feel we plan on exploring the feelings we have... to make a long story short... I saw him a while ago.. and for a week afterward all I could think about was him. Sexually and in other ways... My guy knows about him and he is one of the few men my guy has given me permission to be with. I totally understand that my main guy is in that happy stage... I think it's because his new girl is so 'new'
We will both clam down in a while.... every little thing the new girl does, or every little feeling that pops up in me and my guy's head won't need to be an all out talk fest....

thank you so much for your responses...

And SayYes... after reading your reply I apologized to my guy. He laughed and said he wasn't mad at all and he is happy that I will be more careful about jumping to do things with out talking to him first. He has since spoken to his new girl and she didn't even mention our little message. Like I said earlier, she is from a very open minded household and her and her current primary have been in an open relationship for a few years now. She's younger but she has us beat on the experience

You guys have a great day... and again, thank you. So far I am really enjoying this site.
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