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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I am finding the more I enter and am interested in the D/s world that female doms are a triggering source for some dom males. Has anyone experienced this? I hope MsStacey has something to say.... as she is the only one I have known of on here that has even come close to where I am at... or anyone else I am not familiar with in this way perhaps?

Feeling a tad marginalized Especially after those lovely words that LR added. They made me feel as if I don't belong. I realize that they wrote this for their own life and didn't mean to put it on me, but I am different in the D/s realm specifically because I am female, I would not of written the dom part the way it is written above .... Totally nothing to do with the two of you LR and Maca, but as I have had a need to add up what I am good at and what I want to do with my life in the last week, as I am about to lose my job, all I am good at is bossing people around writing about poly and cleaning peoples faces and asses (at work, dirty minded people! ).
I am sorry I have been away for awhile, you know just got to do STUFF!!!

I am not sure what I can add to this discussion other than on my 13th year of marriage to my Life Partner we did a collaring ceremony, I collared my life partner. We did this with family and friends in attendence that were very close to us, they were not even in the BDSM, Ds or FemDOM lifestyle. It was a very intense ceremony that is still very strong today. Our Families, Lifestyle friends and vanilla friends know of our relationship and how it works. They have never looked at us differently, I think that is because we do not run down the street proclaiming we are in a FemDOM relationship it is just the way we live life. The relationships that (I consider POLY) I am in engaged in are based on my relationship and interests with that person. Some relationships are short some are longer, some leave and some return to share some time of my life, (I have one of those return ones that I am experiencing right now) I enjoy each one.

Talk you guys later
Ms Stacey
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