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Question "Maybe I shouldn't have..."

Hi all! male mono here, my gf is poly, Im 22 and she is 20 (just to answer before its asked).

So my gf just got back from visiting her family and her x-bf in a city 5-6 hours away from where we both go to college. She told me before she left that she was going to sleep with her x-bf. She told me of her weekend when she got back, not only did she sleep with her x-bf, but also had a 3 way with D and Ds gf.

Before my question I have to say that my gf agreed with redpepper's statement that: "she is not the sort of person that sees sex as a loving, bonding thing, but a fun sport."

She then tells me that it shocks her at how much of a "slut" she is. When she was presented the opportunity with D and his gf, she was excited and looking forward to it. She tells me that after the fact, she thinks that maybe she shouldnt have done that. I cant speak for her, I can only guess that maybe she feels guilt, remorse, and like she was people pleasing so that she would be liked by D and his gf.

So I am looking for similar feelings/experience from poly ppl. What is too much? What is the line where the cost out-weighs the benefit? is she looking to boost her self-esteem by people pleasing? When is a "slut" too slutty?
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