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Lightbulb How does Polyamory start?

Hey you all,

sometimes I read on this board that people are dating, using the internet to meet new partners, searching for a secondary relationship...I have a questions about this.

To make me understand, Iīd like to tell you that Iīm in a polymorous relationship because there are two men that I love. One of them is my husband since seven years and the other one I fell in love with two and a half years ago. Itīs been a very short while since I know thereīs a name for it.

Now, my questions is: Can there exist the wish to live a polyamorous life which is not linked to a special person? In other words, do people feel like "oh, Iīd like to have another partner, letīs get out and find one?"

I always tgought that itīs like in my case: First, there are the specific people, and then thereīs the relationship. How wrong am I?

Interested in your experiences and opinions
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