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Originally Posted by sage View Post
I'm certainly no expert on being poly but I wouldn't think that it is a very good idea to launch yourself straight back into trying to find another poly relationship. I know it's very tempting to try and ease the pain but new relationships are, in my opinion, always better approached from a place of peace than pain, which is obviously where you are right now. Sounds like you have a lovely husband, why not enjoy that relationship more fully for a while?

Good luck

Sag are talking about different strokes. Not everyone can do the rebound...and unless you are being honest with the person you are rebounding into you are being selfish and unfair to that person...

So unless you know people you can walk up to and say "hey..I am poly, open just broke up with a couple and need to find someone to bang"...then it isn't likely to happen. In fact, I do know where that works, swingers. Otherwise you are bound to hurt someone and ruin any potential for a future poly person. Be cognizant of that...

To lexisme...

It takes time to take something from being a friend to a lover back to a friend. I have had to and sometimes still do, have to work through it. Everyone has their own recovery pace. Work within what your are comfortable...and realize your husband may have something different to you (heck he might be a rebound guy)...

Just keep communicating....


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