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Default new problem...

Well, if you guys read my last thread you know that my guy has started crushing on a new girl. All is going well... it's only been a few days since they decided to work on being 'special friends' so everything is new for the three of us. Well my problem today is this: I added her as a friend on FB and sent her a quick message. Now, I don't know her. I have only said hello a few times. So I wanted to get the hard part out of the way... the 'My boyfriend likes you and wants to spend special time with you" conversation. She was totally cool about it and her reply message was filled w/ happiness. Well, I didn't tell my guy before I sent the message. I told him after I got her reply. Now I don't plan on messaging her a lot or anything... I just wanted to say hello and be polite... I met her face to face for the first time at a party in my backyard two nights ago. We just said hello. It was very busy so we did not get a chance to talk.... I don't think I was ready to talk to her anyway. My guy is still trying to figure out where he wants to go with it... she is too... she is also in another state. So, I won't get the chance to see her anytime soon. I just wanted to let her know that #1 I am here, I'm not going away, I'm not afraid to be her friend... or even more if she wants. #2 I know my guy likes her and wants to be with her. #3 I just didn't want her to think I was rude or uptight about all of this... so that's why I sent the message. When I told my guy he wasn't mad... but he made me promise that I wouldn't mess it up for him. I did promise. I really want this to be the best that it can be... no matter if they end up just being friends or if they go all out and fall for each other.

So, I was taken aback by his response. I could not tell if he was mad.. he said he wasn't... but he was very nervous. I told him that I wouldn't talk to her or bother her... as I said before they are still trying to figure out what they want from each other... I don't need to get in the way of that. I understand that part. We are fine now and all is well, I was just wondering if I was in the wrong to send her a message that to me, seemed like a peace offering. She also seemed to take it that way. Her reply message did not seem harsh or anything. So, yeah, what do you guys think? Should I have asked him before I made contact with her? Or was it fine to do what I did....? I honestly could not have gone much longer with out talking with her. I had to let her know what was on my mind... as short as the note was... I just felt like I had to... any thoughts?
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