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As Dharma said before me, this is a chance to get to be YOUR whole life. Which you should be I might add. I have always subscribed to the point of view that I am my own primary. As Derby says, we often don't look after ourselves because we are unable to leave ourselves... this is no reason to get involved with yourself and have the best relationship ever.

When my husband was left while I had crazy NRE and adjustment time with Mono he decided to work on some of his life long issues. He is a completely different man as a result and far more confident, self assured, less stressed about things that come up in his life and quite frankly a better man and far more attractive. This was what he did when faced with the fact that I now had two loves that were equally as strong. What are you going to do. You can still do things that are special to the two of you together, but what is special to you and your growth?
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