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I never said that we wouldn't get intimiate with them. Hence the idea of another couple. We're not just looking for another person to fulfill the need for sex. We are looking for something much more. The reason we would like another couple is for the understanding of our relationship and marriage. I'm sure again, it sounds easier in our heads then it actually will be. I know we'll find bumps in the road along the way.

The point is I'm not bi. I do not enjoy having sex with women, just doesn't do it for me. I have tried it before. I'm not just coming at this from no knowledge. I am open sexually to many things though. I am very open to my husbands sexuality and am the first girl to ever be. This is part of why he loves me so much.

Honestly our dream would be to find another couple where the man is bi also. But we know that is just a dream. We'll see what comes to us but we know we also can be very picky about what we want. We want to find people that just don't fulfill our sexual needs but also emotionally. This is maybe why you are confused about what I want. That we are looking for something much more than sex.

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She said "We aren't just looking for someone or another couple to have sex with. We want something beyond that." The way I understood it is that Pyxie wants to have sex with the other GUY of the hypothetical couple, and her husband can have sex with them both, or just the other female if the other guy isn't also into men.
Yes this is right. Thank you. Sorry for any confusion. Like I said, I talk alot.

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